ASutliff Design Studio

Moog HE350 Transport Hybrid Electric Air Vehicle Project




3D, Composite,


The following is a :60 second animation I created for Moog and their new hybrid electric air vehicle called the HE350. Immersicom was tasked with coming up with a :60 second video that would have lots of energy but also communicate key points about the HE350. The stills below show my creative process from the first round of style frames to the final video below.

Final :60 animation video for the Moog HE350

The following stills are the first set of ides I sent to the client. I built a couple of looks: broadcast look, tech look, and a grid look. I created artificial environments that would house the HE350 and would also have big moves, sweeping camera angles, and animated text.

The next set of stills I created are based on feedback from the client. Moog wanted to see the HE350 in action in the environments where it would be used.

The last set of stills are the final design approved by the client before we went into production on the animation.