ASutliff Design Studio

Epirus Demo Video/Design + VFX and Edit






The following is a series of stills from a video project that I worked on for Epirus. The video creatively showcases their new drone destroying product in action in various military applications. My role on the project was to take 3D assets and scenes from the design team and add VFX to scenes, along with motion tracking and graphic elements. I also designed a lower third and fullscreen look for the video, and edited the entire piece. The samples below show the before and after of scenes from the video.

Fullscreen and chapter title graphic design.

Lower third design for each scene

FLIR screen design/look

Electric pulse destroys power station (pulse design and animation/composite)

Electric pulse from Leonidas destroys incoming drones (pulse design and animation/composite)

Electric pulse from friendly drones disables enemy vehicle (pulse design, motion-tracking, and animation/composite)

Pulse disables enemy Pansir (pulse design and animation/composite)

HUD/Targeting design and tracking

Design/animation showing area coverage of Leonidas around base

Targeting + pulse destroys enemy drones (pulse design and animation/composite)

Motion tracking product highlight

Full video created for Epirus showcasing their Leonidas products.